Kai (Aarton from Goose Meadow)

We were very sad to hear yesterday of the death of Kai (Aarton from Goose Meadow) at the age of 11 years and 4 months. Kai was one of only the second litter to be born in the UK from an Austrian dog brought into the UK already in whelp. His sister Shadow went on to be mother of 22 of the UKs puppies. He also had two brothers. Freddy who sadly dies some years ago and Rocky who lives in Germany. Our thoughts go to Kai’s family at this very sad time.

In memory of Alfie

Today is a very sad day for all Entlebuchers and their humans in the UK and beyond. Yesterday we said goodbye to our founding Entlebucher, Alfie (Einstein van de Tiendenschuur) as he lost his long battle with illness and crossed the rainbow bridge. Alfie was well known to many of us, not only in person, but through his daily blog, and will be greatly missed by all of us. We send our sincere sympathies to his humans, especially Ros and Chris, and to his housemates, Shadow, Aristotle and Wilma.

Elliot vom Rickental

Late last night, Elliott vom Rickental arrived in the UK – welcome to Elliott – number 92. He is a full brother to Sybil who arrived on Tuesday and to Edison-Eiger who will get here later in the week.

Number 82

Honey has arrived from Switzerland today. Welcome to the UK Honey and thank you to our dear friends in Switzerland for all their help in making it possible.