Friday 13th October 2017 – Ready for a Big Push This Weekend

We’re a week into the walk and it’s going well. This weekend will see a big group walk in Dorney, Berkshire with a whole group of Entlebuchers getting together for Heidi. Today the activity was as follows:

Aristotle managed his best walk of the week and walked just over 2km. Salvo then walked 3.2km to the edge of the Marne region of France. Izzy’s 3.2km took us to the outskirts of Saint Mard sur le Mont. Wilma and Shadow added just over 2km each to take us close to Contault. After that we put on quite a spurt of distance – Floria, Bella and Heidi added 7.7km each and took us right as far as Chalons en Champagne, a stop many of us know from the times we drive the route. Sybil then added 3.2km and Basil an impressive 11.2km to finish the night at just past Vadenay. That’s now 263 miles of the 552 complete.

Please sponsor us to encourage us to finish the journey and maybe do a little more besides!

The interactive map is here 

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Upcoming Events

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13th June 2020 – Northern Fun Day

Kyle Valley Scouts, Tholthorpe