Heidi (Amaryllis Tytoalba)

It is with great sadness that we have to let you know that yesterday Heidi crossed the rainbow bridge. As many of you will know, Heidi was born with Ectopic Ureter, a condition which is life limiting and most puppies born with that condition die at birth or before the age of three. Heidi amazed us all and reached the grand age of six. Despite her health issues, Heidi was an incredibly happy dog with a beautiful character and all those who had the pleasure of knowing her, loved her very much.

Heidi spent most of her six years with her adopted humans, Sarah and Amber, and step-sisters Bella and Babeli. She also spent many happy holidays with Chris and Jeff, and their Entlebucher, Ruby.

I leave the final words of this tribute to Sarah.

“We made her a flower collar and she crossed the rainbow bridge looking like a queen with dog roses, lavender, red roses, buttercup, daisy and willow around her neck, she looked beautiful. Everyone who sees her body will know that she was very very loved.  

She had a great day of ‘favourites’ … she went to the river, got a brand new tennis ball which is with her and she had sausage rolls for tea!”

Our thoughts are with Sarah, Jeff and Chris at this difficult time.

Rest in peace Heidi Roo.