Wednesday 19th October 2017 – A burst of speed

We seem to have stepped up the pace today, although some was later on yesterday. Salvo and Izzy did a mile each and then added another 2 miles each later. Babeli added 4.56 miles and Heidi and Bella have managed 7.16 each. Aristotle, Wilma and Shadow each did 1.3 miles while Cleo added 3.36 to the tally. Basil managed 4 miles, Izzy I mile and Dickens added an impressive 7.9 miles. All that means we’ve now covered 437.7 miles of the journey and there is only another 115 to go! We may take a bit of a detour to visit one or two places with Entlebuchers along the way so that we arrive at the Embassy next week just in time.

We may get to Calais tomorrow. Who’s up for a swim?

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