Welcome to the Entlebucher Mountain Dog Club of Great Britain

About the Club

The club was founded in 2009, eight years after the first three Entlebuchers were introduced into the UK. Since then, and after further import and a clear breeding programme, the number has grown to 136 dogs.

In 2006 the breed earned a place on the Kennel Club Import Register, officially becoming a recognised breed in the UK. The KC issued our an Interim Breed Standard in 2013, an important step towards full recognition.

The Club operates within strict breeding guidelines to ensure that the health and character of all dogs in the programme conform to the same high standards upheld in their native Switzerland. The dogs undergo the same rigorous approval process (an Ank├Ârung), which is essential to maintain and promote the health, well-being and nature of the breed. This also enables us to use stud dogs from overseas, an essential criteria for widening and diversifying the gene pool.

Our plans for the next few years are well developed, with more owners coming into the breeding programme, all committed to maintaining the same high breeding standard. This should help us to progress beyond the Import Classes to the Rare Breeds Classes of the KC within a relatively short period of time.