Sunday 15th October 2017 – 200 miles to go

Thanks to the glorious weather the walking has been very enjoyable today. Elliot told us his walk this week of 3.3miles and then he set out with seven other Entlebuchers today to add another 4.2 miles each. Which means on the map there was 7.5miles for Elliot and 4.2 miles each for Sybil, Basil, Dora (green paw on the map), Babeli, Heidi, Bella and Laika (red paw on the map). They took us past Laon and on to Couvron et Aumencourt.

Then Shadow and Wilma set off and added 6 miles each bringing our total distance up to 335 miles. Then we heard from Dickens (dark blue paw print on the map) and he has done 17.3miles taking us past Saint Quentin and on to a little place called Bellicourt. That brings our total up to 352 miles and that means we’ve only got 200 miles to go!

Please sponsor us to encourage us to finish the journey and maybe do a little more besides!

You can find the interactive map here