Thursday 19th October – Stuck in the Middle of the Channel

Today was a little quieter than yesterday Elliot got us off to a start with 4.4miles then he pawed across to Salvo and Izzy who added 1.9miles each. Aristotle had a rest today as his legs were hurting, so it was Shadow’s turn to add 1.3 miles and then her son Dickens added 4.3 miles to the total, brining us into Calais. After that Wilma went out and did 1.3 miles. It was Sybil who had to get her paws wet to start the Channel swim and Basil followed close behind they finished the day with 2.7 miles to Sybil and 3.5 miles to Basil. Which means we are now stranded in the middle of the Channel so it’s a really good time to sponsor us to get to the other side!

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