Tuesday 17th October 2017 – A Week Tomorrow

There is only a week tomorrow until we are due to arrive at the Embassy and we’re making good progress. Today’s walkers have been Aristotle who managed another 1.3miles. Then Salvo and Izzy did 1.9 miles each. They pawed across to Shadow whose 1.3 miles brought us to Henin sur Cojeul. From there Cleo took over and added 2.9 miles, before Wilma added another 2.3miles bringing us to the outskirts of Arras. Finally Basil and Sybil added 4 miles each taking us through Arras and out to a place called Mont Saint Eloi. We’ve done 392 miles of the total which means there is just another 160 miles to go.

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Don’t forget the interactive map is at http://entlebucher.co.uk/club/rescue/heidi-fundraising/