Walk for Heidi update Mon 9th October

Today’s reported stages

News came in last night of Elliot’s walk. He did 13km (just over 8 miles) to raise money for Heidi. He’s shown with the orange ‘walker’ symbol and takes us almost to the Col de Raon.

Salvo and Izzy stepped out again and took us past Hadol, before pawing over to Aristotle for his first part of the walk. Aristotle has elbow dysplasia so is having to do his walk in short stages. He’s doing his best but today managed just 1.4km (he’s shown as the green walker on the map).

Bella, Heidi and Cleo stepped out and managed 5.67km each. Their combined total has taken us as far as Gorhey (Cleo is the yellow walker symbol)

Where we’ve got to

Basil took us on through France to Dompaire before pawing over to Wilma for the last leg of the day. Wilma (purple walker symbol) takes us to the 147 mile stage.

Aristotle ready to set off for Heidi

You can help boost our funds at https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/walkforheidi

The interactive map is HERE