CaicosRoos C litter has arrived!

We are delighted to announce the safe arrival of CaicosRoos C litter yesterday – two little boys, Charlie Chaplin and Capella, and three little girls, Cup Cake, Coralie and Camille. Mum and puppies are all doing well. Congratulations to the proud parents, Babeli CaicosRoos and Ron (John Snow d’Isolagerre)!

A special delivery!

A couple of months ago, Sybil (Eroica vom Rickental) took a short holiday in Cornwall, where she had a bit of a holiday romance with the handsome Leo (Torfheide D’Artagnan)! Today, Sybil gave birth to a beautiful little girl puppy and we’d like to congratulate the proud parents on her safe arrival. Pup is from Skyeannroos kennel and is yet to be named, but we think you’ll all agree that she is absolutely gorgeous!

Orson from Balihara Ranch

It is always very sad when we hear of one of our dogs passing over the rainbow bridge and this year in particular, we’ve already said goodbye to too many of our Entlebucher friends! We are therefore very sorry to have to tell you that Orson from Balihara, one of our founding dogs, passed away yesterday at age 13. Born on 4th April 2007, Orson was the proud uncle and chief puppy sitter to Queenie’s litters. Orson was a truly gentle, though timid, much loved dog and our thoughts are with Kristina and Ed at this difficult time.

The patter of tiny paws …

We’re please to let you know that the Club has had two matings recently. Sybil and Leo had a romantic encounter in Cornwall a few weeks ago, and Izzy and Bandet (pictured below) got together in the South East over the weekend. Everything seemed to go well for both couples, so we are keeping our fingers crossed for the patter of tiny paws in mid November and again in early December. Further pupdates to follow!

Buddy’s (Alfie Bangwood) achievements recognised by the Kennel Club

We are pleased to announce that Buddy has qualified for the Kennel Club’s Show Certificate of Excellence. This is awarded to dogs who have achieved over 50 points in General and Group Open shows. It’s an amazing achievement for a dog in an import category and deserved recognition of all the hard word Buddy and his owners, Sian and Darren Baynton, have put in. Congratulations – we’re very proud of you all!

Arnie (Arnold from Torfheide)

It is with a very heavy heart that I bring you the news that Arnie died on 5 August. Arnie was Shadow’s first born pup, the first ever Torfheide pup. He was named after the vet in Switzerland who saved the day when Shadow’s chip failed after she mated. Arnie’s family are devastated. He had surgery for a torn cruciate yesterday and came through it fine, but then this morning while still at the vet had a heart attack after a short walk. Sadly CPR was unsuccessful. Our love to Ceri Eagling and all the Eagling family at this very difficult time


We are very pleased to announce that yesterday (27 April), Lia (Ophelia Vom Gspan) gave birth to five beautiful, healthy Entlebuchers. The three boys, Bach, Brahms and Bartok and two girls, Berlioz and Bliss are all doing well, as is Mum. Congratulations to the proud parents, Lia and Tsjerno and also to Lia’s humans, Vanessa and Steve.

Heidi Entlebucher Needs a Forever Home


Heidi Entlebucher, 3.5 years old, is looking for a forever home. Heidi was diagnosed with Ectopic Ureter in early puppyhood and despite operations she has remained urinary incontinent. 

Heidi is a very loving family dog who has been in foster care in a family environment until we were happy that her condition is fully stable and she is ready for a home of her own. 

Heidi is urinary incontinent. She is happy to wear pants in the house as long as there are no other dogs present. 

She is currently in excellent health although this needs to be monitored closely. 

There is full information and medical history available as well as ongoing support from the EMDC. 

For more information, please email Sarah at

Post Brexit Pet Travel

Many of us have taken advantage of the pet passport scheme to travel to the EU with our Entlebuchers in the past. But it’s important to be aware that the rules for taking pets abroad may be changing shortly. If the UK agrees a deal and transition period for leaving the EU, then the current rules may continue to apply while new rules are agreed. However, in the event no deal is agreed, you may need to take action at least 4 months before you travel. Please follow the link below if you would like more information about travelling if there is no deal.