Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

15th September 2018 – Breeding Test

This year’s breeding test is being held in Tholthorpe, North Yorkshire. Health tests need to be presented in advance of entering for the test. On the day we test both character and conformation to breed standard. Please get in touch if you are ready to put your dog through their tests ahead of breeding.

22nd September 2018 – Souther Fun Day

Southern Fun Day – this is being held in Dorney, Berkshire

17th November – Breed Specific Judge Training

Cogenhoe and Whiston Village Hall

31st March 2019 – Fun Day and AGM

Cogenhoe and Whiston Village Hall

15th June 2019 – Club’s 10th Anniversary Celebration


6th July 2019 – Northern Fun Day

21st September 2019 – Southern Fun Day

30th November 2019 – West Country and Welsh Fun Day

Welcome to Number 99

Whilst you may just think we can’t count, since our last update we have found out about two Entlebuchers we did not know had been imported. That means that little Kyra Dreamer vom Goldachtal is our 99th UK Entlebucher. Kyra arrived in the UK last night and is now settling in with her new family.

A New Arrival

I am delighted to say that Heidii (from the Kornried E litter) has arrived in the UK and is our 96th dog. Welcome Heidii. We hope you will be a very happy puppy.

2 more dogs

We are delighted to have news that there are two more Entlebuchers in the UK than we previously knew about. Bolishes Happy Ranch (Red) and Brown Lenny Happy Ranch came to the UK last autumn. That brings our numbers to 95. Wonderful news and welcome to you both.

Wednesday 24th October 2017 – The Embassy

Wilma, Bella and Sybil about to set off

Cracker gave us her mileage from yesterday which took us around Regent’s Park to our meeting point. There should then have been five for the final walk, but poor Salvo and Izzy were struck down with gastro-enteritis overnight and were not well enough to travel to London. After all their hard work it was very sad they couldn’t be there and we send them our best wishes for a speedy recovery. That meant Sybil, Bella and Wilma were our representatives and walked the final stage from Regent’s Part to the Embassy on a beautiful sunny autumn day.

With the Ambassador

Our welcome at the Embassy was lovely and we spend a happy twenty minutes talking about the breed and our work to help Heidi. Thank you to all

the Embassy staff who helped to set this up, it was a great day for us and we were delighted to present the Ambassador with a picture from the UK Club to mark the occasion.

Thank you to all the dogs who have taken part in the walk and to all our supporters. We are still taking donations at https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/walkforheidi  so please do send in any sponsorship money or donations. It will all go to enable Heidi to have the final operation she needs.

Don’t forget the interactive map is at http://entlebucher.co.uk/club/rescue/heidi-fundraising/

Tuesday 24th October 2017 – Penultimate Stage

Today we set out on the final stage before going to the Embassy in London tomorrow. Salvo and Izzy added 2.15 miles each. Then Dickens adding 4.4 miles took over to take us to the Royal Observatory at Greenwich. Sybil and Basil added 1.5 miles each to take us to Tower Bridge Road. Babeli, being a very cute but slightly independent puppy, chose to take us a different route with her 2.6 miles to get everyone to where we are meeting up tomorrow. She finished her stage at Clerkenwell before pawing over to Cleo. Cleo used her 2.6 miles to get us to London Zoo at the northern end of Regent’s Park. And that is where Bella, Wilma, Sybil, Izzy and Salvo will meet tomorrow to walk together for the very last stage of the walk.

Cheer us on by sponsoring us at https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/walkforheidi

Don’t forget the interactive map is at http://entlebucher.co.uk/club/rescue/heidi-fundraising/

Monday 23rd October 2017 – Inside the M25

We’re doing so well that we’re going to do a bit extra! Today Wilma and Shadow added 1.3 miles each before Aristotle took over to at 0.75miles, taking us just past Newington. Then Salvo walked the 2.15 miles to Rainham and Izzy’s 2.15 miles took us to the edge of Gillingham. Heidi’s 3.36 miles took us through Chatham and Rochester to the edge of Strood and then Cleo added 3.36 miles. Cracker added 2.7 miles to bring us to the edge of Gravesend. Then dickens took over and walked 4.5 miles to Greenhithe. Sybil added 2 miles taking us almost to the M25, the orbital motorway around London. Finally today Basil added 3.5 miles taking us to Bexleyheath from where he can just about wave to Heidi where she is being looked after.

Tomorrow will be the last main leg of the journey but we still need sponsorship!

Cheer us on by sponsoring us at https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/walkforheidi

Don’t forget the interactive map is at http://entlebucher.co.uk/club/rescue/heidi-fundraising/