Breeding Test (Ankörung) – Saturday 16th September

Norton Lindsey, Warwickshire, CV35 8JQ

If you are interested in breeding from your dog or in your dog becoming a stud dog then there are three parts to the testing. The health tests, a character test and a test of conformation to breed standard. The health tests we can guide you through but require veterinary bookings with appropriate specialists. The character and conformation tests are run by the Club and have to be passed in order for your dog to be given Club
approval for breeding. This is entirely modelled on the Swiss system and is designed to ensure that the breed remains fit for purpose, true to breed type and of good character going forward.

We offer the character and conformation tests twice a year in May and September, with the next one being on Saturday 16th September 2023. To be entered for the Club Breeding Test your dog must be at least 18 months of age at the time of the test. The entry form which must be returned and payment for the test made to the Club account by Friday 18th August latest. The test will only run if we have entries and so that those running the tests have sufficient notice whether the test will be going ahead or not late entries will not be possible. The next test after this will be in May 2024 so bear this in mind if you are thinking of breeding from your dog and wanting to plan timings of when a first litter might take place.

If you want to know more of what is involved then please speak to Ros, Robyn, Sarah or your dog’s breeder and we can go through this in detail. We can also provide links to videos of previous tests and advice sheets to help you prepare and understand what your dog will undertake.

For those of you who do not wish to breed from your dog but who would like to either help or see what the tests entail, please email so that wecan provide you with details. We do need a few helpers to assist with the character testing.